Our beating heart

The high-tech watch centre of WePrevent

The WePrevent operators, who prevent things from going wrong 24/7, work from our own, newly built, high-tech watch centre in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. This is the beating heart of our company. It meets the highest standards and has acquired two important European certifications: MARC (Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centres) and ISO 27001 (the standard for information security).

In other words, your safety is in good hands. Our watch centre is staffed day and night by highly dedicated and hard-working operators who have been fully screened and then extensively trained internally.


In our search for the best location, we chose Bulgaria. This is for several reasons. Politically, it is a very stable country. It also boasts an excellent infrastructure, fast and stable internet, a well-educated workforce, a lower salary level and a less overstretched labour market.

Moreover, since the fall of communism in 1989, the country has completely reinvented itself. The younger generations that are now spreading their wings have enormous drive and dedication, are open-minded and want to grow together with their country. Bulgaria exhibits an admirable ambition that we are happy to support.


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