Our live camera surveillance prevents vandalism, break-ins and burglary. This is because we can anticipate risks in advance and intervene before things really go wrong.

At WePrevent, we have developed two proven methods of surveillance: the first method employs camera surveillance by rigorously screened and well-trained operators who continuously monitor the images from your security cameras. Our second method uses ‘artificial intelligence’. This smart software is always watching and can detect every human movement. These live images are then immediately shown to the operators.

At WePrevent, you can opt for different subscriptions and different time periods of live camera surveillance depending on your needs. We have also introduced ‘Premium Alarm-On’ as an extra service. This means that as soon as you activate the alarm at home or in your company, WePrevent immediately starts its surveillance.

We have been successfully using a combination of live camera surveillance and AI for many years and with many customers. That’s the secret of WePrevent. We monitor and prevent.


After our initial conversation we will visit your home or company for an inspection. This means that we look at the situation on site so we can gather all the input we need to make an optimal camera plan. We aim to provide a service that completely suits your requirements and wishes.


Based on the inspection, we will draw up a camera plan and establish the protocols in consultation with you. These documents clearly set out your preferences and what you can expect from us in the event of us detecting an incident. You will then receive a quote from us. If this meets your approval, it’s time for the next step, which is to install the hardware.


WePrevent works with first-class installers. They take care of the installation of all necessary hardware. If you already have cameras, we can often use them for surveillance via WePrevent. If you are not yet in possession of any cameras, we can provide a new installation (in all locations specified in the camera plan), together with a VPN device and a recorder for the footage. We may also need to install sirens and loudspeakers, which are necessary for chasing away intruders detected live from our watch centre, before they even reach their target or cause any damage.


VPN stands for virtual private network. This is your own little piece of Internet. The footage is sent via a VPN device to our watch centre. The process is extremely quick and well protected. The online connection we use for this is fully encrypted and therefore very secure. In addition, special software is used to continuously monitor whether the connection is functioning properly. This happens automatically every 90 seconds and is called ‘polling’.


Our watch centre is staffed exclusively by professionals who are specially screened and trained for the job. We have developed two surveillance methods at WePrevent: 24/7 live camera surveillance by rigorously screened and well-trained operators, and smart software which also keeps watch 24/7 and can detect every human movement and immediately show the live images to the operators. We have employed this combination of live camera surveillance and AI to great success for a wide range of customers. This is precisely what makes WePrevent so unique. We monitor and we prevent.


We had our super modern watch centre specially built for us. It is the beating heart of our company and a perfect place for our operators to work. It meets all the strictest EU standards, including EN51518 (MARC: Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centres certification) and ISO 27001 (the standard for information security). The technology and software we work with is state-of-the-art.


Even though we monitor your camera images 24/7, you remain completely anonymous to our operators. They keep an eye on everything without knowing who you are or where you live. This is because only the national PAC (Private Alarm Centre) has access to this information. In this way, your privacy is always guaranteed.


Depending on the agreements you make with us, we can warn intruders directly via the siren or address them live via the installed loudspeaker(s). If the situation calls for it, we will alert the local PAC via a secure connection within 10 milliseconds. The PAC will then quickly call the police. We can also let the police watch our live view. This is a reliable and proven method that we have been using for years.


If a detected incident doesn’t call for drastic measures, for example if a car door is left open, we can send a push message via our mobile app. In the app, you can always see an overview of all registered movements, find a logbook going back 40 days, and you can view photos or send in a holiday report. In addition, you can always request extra supervision directly via the app.

As you can see, we do everything we can to guarantee your safety and your privacy. With us, you are in safe hands. We monitor and we prevent. Because that is what WePrevent stands for. Prevention is always the better option.


We’re here to help you. Contact us to discuss the various options.

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