Car parks are full of valuable cars, often also with expensive items inside. That’s why, in the past, car parks employed security guards to keep an eye on things. Nowadays, security guards have been replaced by technology. But visitors are reporting having to deal with more burglaries, vandalism and other nuisances, making them feel less safe.


WePrevent can prevent this with live camera surveillance. Using special loudspeakers and sirens, we can immediately address and chase away people who display undesirable behaviour, even before things go wrong. And if the situation calls for it, at lightning speed we can call an emergency follow-up security service or the police. This is a very effective method that is also considerably more affordable than in-person surveillance or inspection rounds by a follow-up security service. Moreover, with a traditional alarm system, 80% of the reports are false alarms. Since our operators quickly and carefully validate every incident, we don’t have any false alarms.


WePrevent is very accurate and sees everything, even whether the car park is clean. If it’s not, we can contact a cleaning company directly. The result? A safe and pleasant place to park that customers will be happy to use again.

"With more than 640,000 parking spaces in more than 3,300 car parks in seven countries, Q-Park is one of the largest parking companies in Europe. The company has a very clear vision of the role of parking and mobility in the world of tomorrow. It shows that a positive parking experience influences how much people enjoy their visit, journey, shopping, commute or stay. Mobility is not only about moving people and goods, but also about providing safe locations where journeys begin and end. That is why Q-Park wants to make them as user-friendly, safe and reliable as possible. It’s important that we constantly improve our service and quality. After all, Q-Park stands for Quality in parking, and keeping parking facilities safe is a continuous process. We chose WePrevent as a partner to help us with this. They have proven that they are able to prevent incidents and also intervene quickly, if necessary. In addition, information from camera images and WePrevent can be important in the context of investigations. Together, we are committed to maintaining safety in our parking facilities."

Jeroen van Hemert | Data Protection & Security Officer - Q-Park


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